Welcome to the Web of Arc affiliate program!

We’re rapidly expanding and growing our business and our product offerings. This is excellent news for you because that means you are eligible to receive an affiliate commission on ANY products or systems purchased. The affiliate link we provide you is a universal link, which means that even though we are talking about Viral Testimonial in the training videos, all our products are eligible for commissions.

Step 1

Watch the Referral Program Welcome Video


Located at the top of the Referral Toolbox page

Step 2

Watch the Referral Program Training

Referral Toolbox Training
My Referral Info Training
3 Template Options Training

Step 3

Download, Fill Out, and Submit W-9 Form to

Step 4

Read and Review the FTC Guidelines regarding Endorsements

The FTC guidelines can be found here::

Step 5

Review the Referral Program Rules and Guidelines Below


We are 100% committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards for our business and our affiliate program. If this stance is unsuitable to you, please refrain from joining our Affiliate program.


Download and Review the FTC Guidelines for Endorsements:

All Viral Testimonial affiliates must agree to Federal Trade Commission Standard Operating Procedures. Recently, the FTC has made these regulations more clear and has provided several examples. This requires that material connections between advertisers and endorsers be disclosed. This means that all affiliate websites (e.g. directories, review/rating sites, blogs and other websites) and any email or collateral that provide an endorsement or assessment of Sorez Connect, LLC, must prominently disclose the fact that you may receive compensation for referring customers to Sorez Connect, LLC.

For more information and suggestions about how to comply with these guidelines, please download the below mentioned FTC PDF. Please note that the FTC Disclosure page is only intended to provide guidance. It does not purport to provide legal advice and it does not guarantee that you will be in compliance with FTC regulations if you follow the suggestions presented. You are advised to seek and obtain your own legal advice on how these rules apply to your website or other promotional activities for which you receive compensation.

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to withhold referral fees and/or terminate the affiliate relationship for your failure to comply with Sorez Connect, LLC’s FTC disclosure policy or with any other applicable regulations or guidelines, as determined by Sorez Connect, LLC at our sole discretion.

In addition to the FTC Guidelines, please practice the following

Affiliate Best Practice Rules:

When you promote, make sure you:

·         Include your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures. If you are making a sale via an affiliate link, you need to be honest about the fact that you are an affiliate and are being paid (even a small portion) if there is a transaction. Include these disclaimers during email or advertising promotions.

·         If you have a website, Include your relevant Privacy Policies when promoting Viral Testimonail. Include your Terms of service on these sites.

·         Include your Forward Looking Earnings Statements on sites that you are promoting Viral Testimonial – making sure to state that no earnings are guaranteed.


·         Don’t social media SPAM.

·         Don’t misrepresent yourself as a “typical result” or as a “typical customer” when you promote this offer

·         Be transparent and authentic. We treat people with honesty and respect and we expect anyone representing our affiliate program to do the same.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT offer cash back, rewards or other incentives to drive traffic/sales via their affiliate tracking links.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT use traffic that is generated by SPAM purchased traffic or similar methods.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT bid on or use Sorez Connect, LLC’s trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of PPC on Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.).

·         Affiliates MAY NOT use Sorez Connect, LLC’s trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords in their domain names.

·         Affiliates are responsible for ensuring their tracking code is working properly before sending traffic to Sorez Connect, LLC’s servers. Any modification to the links is the sole responsibility of the Affiliate. Referral fees may not be paid for tracking errors caused by editing, masking, redirecting or tampering with affiliate links, as determined in Sorez Connect, LLC’s sole discretion.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT use redirected pages and links to send a user to our site. For example, you may not have a PPC link on a search engine that redirects the user to our site.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT copy Sorez Connect, LLC’s website or any portions thereof, including, without limitation, any of Sorez Connect, LLC’s trademarks or other intellectual property, and display them on their own site or subdomain or use them in any way without Sorez Connect, LLC’s prior express written permission.

·         Affiliates MAY NOT engage in the advertisement of business-opportunity sites or use marketing practices that attract fraudulent or short-term customers (customers with low retention and renewal rates) which shall be determined at our sole discretion.

NOTE: There will be NO commission payments paid on personal use Sales of the Product – meaning, if the only purpose in joining this affiliate program was to get a commission on a sale for Personal use of Viral Testimonial.

Affiliate funds will be sent after the Viral Testimonial Money Back guarantee promise has elapsed (e.g. It is currently 30 days.) If a customer who you’ve referred cancels within this time period, you do not earn affiliate payment.

In cases where an affiliate has a single sale to themselves for their own personal use of the software, commission will NOT be paid on that sale.

If you join our Affiliate program you agree to the Affiliate Terms of Service.