General FAQ

Viral Testimonial is a software that created a Done for You Customer Funnel generating invaluable Feedback. We help you build, monitor, and control your online reputation with a proactive, easy to use system. See more features here.

Does your business serve customers? Do those customers live in a society with internet access? Are you sincerely trying to add value to your customer’s lives? Then Viral Testimonial can help build and monitor your online reputation by generating more positive reviews and proactively intercepting the negative reviews. All in within one simple interface.

Yes. We use industry standard safeguards to make sure your information is secure. We use SSL security when hosted on our Dashboard Platform. Databases and servers are hosted in a completely secure facility requiring security card and passport ID for access. Databases are backed up twice per day.

Our friendly support team is available to answer your questions during normal business hours in US Central Standard Time. You can reach us by clicking on the “Get Help” button from your main Dashboard. You can also email us at to get started.

Yes, Viral Testimonial is a monthly service and you can cancel at any time for any reason.

If you purchase the software as a one-time yearly payment, you can cancel your yearly subscription at any time, though we do not offer pro-rated refunds for the remainder of the year. Your software will be available for your use for the remainder of your year, paid in full.

Email our friendly support team at We’ll promptly cancel your subscription and remove access to your Dashboard account.

The software was built with the fully responsive HTML5 platform. This means it’s 100% compatible with all desktop and laptop computers. Plus, we’re also fully responsive for mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Yes! Our software is accessible from your cell phone, ipad, tablet, etc.

Yes! There are many ways our software can be customized to fit your business needs. We’ll walk you through many of these customizations during our 1 on 1 setup call. There is also an easy training center tab on your main dashboard, available for your viewing 24/7. You can customize emails templates, special notifications to segmented customer groups, and even the number of follow up emails your business sends.

Good news! You can import your entire previous customer list (in spreadsheet form) into our system. We don’t recommend emailing large groups of customers at once, as receiving a wave of customer reviews in one day is a major red flag for review sites like Google. Instead, we recommend working through this list by contacting 5-10 previous clients per day. Our software helps you accomplish this with one click.

Of course! You always own your company’s information. On the main dashboard you can download your entire list of customers with one click. You can also download segments of your customer list (e.g. download a list of all 5 star reviewers), which can be helpful when sending targeted email campaigns.

Change your password by logging into your Dashboard. Click on the SETUP tab at the top of your Dashboard. On the left hand column choose “change password” and create a new password.